FW: [Bug 12] gpm-1.19.3

Nico Schottelius nicos@pcsystems.de
Fri, 27 Jul 2001 07:39:45 +0200

Hello Jason!

>         Recently this appeared on one of the Linux From Scratch Mailing lists.
> There is two real questions I have here.  One:  Is the change from OPEN_MAX
> to FOPEN_MAX in special.c a "good thing?"

Alessandro, we talked about versions/ odd and even numbers.

I will skip gpm-1.19.4, and build gpm-1.19.5 as a new release.
When everything is fine and works we go to 1.20.{0,1}.

Jason: in gpm-1.19.5 I fixed special.c the only with the oneliner

#include <linux/limits.h> /* for OPEN_MAX */

> Two: Should we try and come up with a change to the configure script so that
> it detects if TeTex is installed and if it's not then will just skip
> installing the info files (with a warning preferably)  The below solution is
> IMHO pretty ugly.

Alessandro cleared this out in his email.