[Gpm] Maintaining (and other stuff)

Alessandro Rubini gpm@lists.prosa.it
Sun, 6 May 2001 22:58:31 +0200

>> - i like gpm -> there must be someone maintaining it, why not me ?

Hmm.. there are bugs in about your patch, but I'll make them offline
(since you sent the patch offline). But tomorrow (Monday), not today.

Also, please note that there are more hairy parts in the code than
what you touched; please check it all before taking over maintainance.
You should also remember that maintaining an upstream package means
dealing with what distributions do (like angry users that report
problems that make no meaning outside of their distributions, and
dealing with distribution makers that apply incompatible patches [1]
or do not contribute back their enhancements).

And then you must collect and integrate patches by other people. I
have collected some (well, all that I received), and while I didn't
integrate them nor plan to (as I don't maintain gpm any more), I'll
make them available by ftp RSN. ftp.prosa.it/pub/gpm is back on, and I
must just refill it and add the new patches I received with some short

>> - gpm should be avaible when using devfs under Linux

This is just one of the pending issues.

>> - When there are new changes needed for gpm i could add some