[Gpm] Maintaining (and other stuff)

Nico Schottelius gpm@lists.prosa.it
Sun, 13 May 2001 00:00:18 +0200

Hi Alessandro

>> - i like gpm -> there must be someone maintaining it, why not me ?

> Hmm.. there are bugs in about your patch,

I know, at least all the gpm_oops directives are wrong.
I had no time to write another error function...

> but I'll make them offline
> (since you sent the patch offline). But tomorrow (Monday), not today.

You will make them offline ... what does that mean ? Sending it online
would be something I understood :)

> Also, please note that there are more hairy parts in the code than
> what you touched;

For sure.

> please check it all before taking over maintainance.

Okay, I will try. I tried to read all the code in the files I changed.
There seem still some more difficulties, but things can get fixed.

> You should also remember that maintaining an upstream package means
> dealing with what distributions do (like angry users that report
> problems that make no meaning outside of their distributions, and
> dealing with distribution makers that apply incompatible patches [1]
> or do not contribute back their enhancements).

Okay, I understand. I think I could handle those problems,
because I have made some experience with those problems
(knowing people writing drivers for Linux getting those mails
is kind of knowledge getting )

> And then you must collect and integrate patches by other people.


> Ihave collected some (well, all that I received), and while I didn't
> integrate them nor plan to (as I don't maintain gpm any more), I'll
> make them available by ftp RSN.

What is RSN ?

> ftp.prosa.it/pub/gpm is back on, and I
> must just refill it and add the new patches I received with some short
> comment.

I have checked pub/gpm this evening and didn't find anything,
so I keep waiting. When you uploaded them I will download them.

> >> - When there are new changes needed for gpm i could add some
> fine.

I want to take that job.

I will setup a gpm site at

in the next days, if you agree.
And the next step is to release gpm-1.19.4.