[gpm]1.19.6 compilation error ('staletime' in src/gpm.c)

Mark Stratman mark@sporkstorms.org
26 Nov 2001 14:12:19 -0600

When compiling gpm-1.19.6 (on a 2.0.36-1 linux system.. don't ask why ;)
I get an error to the effect of "'staletime' undeclared (First use
The only place 'staletime' appeared to occur was in processConn() in

Is 'staletime' something that is from some included libs (which i might
not have since i'm on an ancient system), or was it just a typo?

I haphazardly went in and declared it a time_t in processConn(), and all
appears to be working ok... I'm just hesitant, as I don't usually like
to mess with the almighty powers that be.

Mark Stratman

@j=qw{-.2-2.- -2.4- -3.2-. -2.-.-2};
print map{s e(.)(\d)e$1x$2eeg;y.-.1.;y-.-0-;
chr unpack"N",pack"B32",substr'0'x32 .$_,-32}@j;