[gpm]Re: t-mouse.el and emacs startup

Alessandro Rubini rubini@gnu.org
Thu, 15 Nov 2001 10:03:41 +0100


> I read your statement about gpm and that you won't maintain it
> anymore.

Actually, there is a new maintainer now, Nico Schottelius
<nicos@pcsystems.de> . Also, the mailing list (Cc: of this message) is

> What a pitty, I apreciate a lot what gpm is and I'm just
> starting to use it with emacs (could you send me a hint about how to
> make menu pop-downs?)

There's no such support. I don't like menus and I don't use them,
I don' think Ian Zimmermann, who contributed to t-mouse, uses them either.
> I used the recomended method to load t-mouse.elc on startup, but when
> conecting remotely via telnet or ssh and start emacs I get an error,
> it will be obvious to you, because the mouse driver on the local
> machine is not anymore available and the one on the remote machine
> neither.

Right. I never incurred in the problem as I tend to use vi when working
remotely (while on my LAN I usually have X up and run emacs under it).
> So I modified the startup testing code this way:
> ---------------->8-------------------------
> ;; Make gpm work in Emacs text-mode
> (if (and (string-match ".*-linux" system-configuration)
>          (or (string-match "linux" (getenv "TERM"))
>              (string-match "con.*" (getenv "TERM")))
> 	 (getenv "SSH_CLIENT")
> 	 (getenv "REMOTEHOST"))
>     (progn
>       (load-library "t-mouse")
>       (t-mouse-run)))
> -------------------8<--------------------
> It is not very clean, because surely there is a more generic way to
> test for availability of the mouse device.

I'll let the list comment on that.

Thanks for your interest