[gpm]increase mouse-speed in X without using xset?

Sascha Heid Sascha_Heid@gmx.de
20 May 2002 00:09:20 +0200

Hello all

Im using gpm with a ps2-protocol mouse where the speed in X is much to
low. The only way to increase the speed in X only that i know of is
"xset m", but because i need an multiplier of 9 for good speed the
mouse-movements are getting very jerky/jumpy.

On another computer with an imps2-protocol mouse the difference in speed
between console in X is so small that i even can use it without using
xset and even if i would do an multiplier of 2 would suffice and
movement wouldnt be noticeable jumpy.

Does anybody know another way of configuring the mouse-speed?

Sascha Heid