[gpm]Fwd: GPM problem - possibly a BUG.

Zephaniah E. Hull warp@babylon.d2dc.net
Tue, 21 May 2002 12:58:42 -0400

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A few notes.

As soon as I am feeling well enough I need to move the Debian packages
to 1.20 now that woody is solidly frozen.

On Tue, May 21, 2002 at 05:23:26PM +0200, Alessandro Rubini wrote:
> I got this message from Eduardo Fernandes Piva (who's Cc:d), who
> wrote to me and Ian Zimmerman.
> > I have tested these with and withou X opened with protocols ps2 and imp=
> >=20
> > BUT, if I do:
> > gpm -t imps2
> > gpm -k
> > gpm -t ps2
> >=20
> > The mouse starts working (I have to start imps2 before start with ps2).=
> > Maybe imps2 do some initializations my mouse needs but just ps2 works=
> > here.
> Looks the right diagnosis. Unfortunately, mouse initialization
> sequences are not documented (as far as I know), and each vendor makes
> its own and places it in its own windows driver. Buying a mouse is
> becoming more and more difficult for me, just like buying a video card.

The sequences are documented in several places for ps2, sadly some mice
have really nasty problems with commands other then those for setting
the rate.

Including not being able to handle the reset command.

Thankfully those are pretty much limited to the OEM logitech mice.
(These are the logitech mice with either a black and white logo on the
top or the logo as a sticker on the top, these are rebranded as HP and
compaq mice among others. The suggested fix is a sledge hammer.)

> > Do you two knew about these problem? Have any clue? I'm a developer but=
> > have no idea how the mouse system works, but if you give me some clue I=
> > could try to fix it. (Probably telling me what kind of initialization t=
> > imps2 do that my ps2 driver needs..).
> If you get the gpm source ("apt-get source gpm" or equivalent) you'll
> find device-specific stuff lives in mice.c.  With X ("apt-get source
> xserver-common" or equivalent) it depends on what version you are
> running.

I would be /very/ curious to know if the Debian gpm sources[0] work
properly with his mouse.

They just might.

Zephaniah E. Hull.
(Debian GPM developer, quite sick at the moment.)

[0]: ftp://ftp.debian.org:/debian/pool/main/g/gpm/, you want
gpm_1.19.6.orig.tar.gz and gpm_1.19.6-12.diff.gz, untar the orig, apply
the diff, unpack the contents of the upstream/tarballs directory, apply
(in numerical order) the patches in debian/patches, compile[1].

[1]: Yes, this whole thing is completely automated for me, but if you
don't have a Debian system handy it is the method guaranteed to work
more or less.

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