[gpm]gpm -B 111

Jamie Zawinski jwz@jwz.org
Sun, 26 May 2002 03:00:51 -0700


I need to have my system set up so that all three buttons on the mouse
are mapped to button 1, under X.  This can't be done with xmodmap (the
server returns an X error) but it *can* be done using gpm, after
patching it: all that is needed is to prevent gpm from *refusing* to do
this; after that, it works fine.

--- gpn.c       Sat Feb 23 07:42:23 2002
+++ ../../gpm-1.20.0-hacked/src/gpn.c   Fri May 17 17:35:17 2002
@@ -241,6 +241,9 @@
+      {"111","04444444"},
+      {"222","02222222"},
+      {"333","01111111"},

I understand that Debian already ships a patched version of gpm that
allows this (though I'm using Red Hat 7.2.)

I need to re-map all three buttons to one because it's a kiosk with a
trackball, and the customers are confused about which button to use, so
I just want to make all three physical buttons behave as a left button
(and it's way easier to do this in software than hardware...)

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