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On Sun, May 26, 2002 at 03:00:51AM -0700, Jamie Zawinski wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to have my system set up so that all three buttons on the mouse
> are mapped to button 1, under X.  This can't be done with xmodmap (the
> server returns an X error) but it *can* be done using gpm, after
> patching it: all that is needed is to prevent gpm from *refusing* to do
> this; after that, it works fine.

An odd use.

> I understand that Debian already ships a patched version of gpm that
> allows this (though I'm using Red Hat 7.2.)

Actually, the Debian gpm handles button re-mapping in a rather different
manner, but yes, it should work.

The patch is one that I plan on sending over when I have the time to get
Debian's gpm updated to the current version.
> I need to re-map all three buttons to one because it's a kiosk with a
> trackball, and the customers are confused about which button to use, so
> I just want to make all three physical buttons behave as a left button
> (and it's way easier to do this in software than hardware...)

Very interesting, what sort of software is on the kiosk?

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