[gpm]Monitoring Windows communication

Peter Berg Larsen pebl@math.ku.dk
Fri, 31 May 2002 16:43:42 +0200 (MET DST)


Do anyone knows how to communicate to the styk (synaptics stick) attached
to some synaptics touchpads? The reason is that it supports click on
pressure and it is not on per default. Secondly when I reboot from my
windows partion to linux, it seems to go bananaz and sends me random
packets of (left) clicks which is rather anoying.

There is no mentioning on how anywhere on synaptics howmpage or
documentations. However if I read the documentations correct it seems that
there is a special encoding that allows me to talk to the styk instead of
the touchpad. After several mails to synaptics whitout answares I am
looking for another way.

So whitout knowning how to set or read settings for the styk I started a
brute force try: Coded a simple simulated touchpad and compared different
request to the hardware and the simulated touchpad. After ca. 7000000
requests with each request having 6 commands I give up, and looks for
another way.

Now I want to lesson in on what happens between the windows driver and my
hardware. This is easy if it were on the serial port, but I havent seen
one program that do this for my ps2 port. (Wine is not an option; I have
tried. Wine is too simple yet). So does anyone have a suggestion what to

E-Mail:       pebl@math.ku.dk 
Real name:    Peter Berg Larsen 
Where:        Department of Computer Science, Copenhagen Uni., Denmark