[gpm] patch for synaptic touchpad and stick!

Erik Bågfors erik@bagfors.nu
Sat Dec 27 19:45:36 CET 2003

Hi all!

Not too long ago I sent this mail to the list (the one I have forwarded
here).  Now since I'm on holiday I had time to look into what actually
happens in gpm when this problem occurs.

>From what I gather the following happens (I think I'm right):
The function syn_process_ps2_data get's information from both the stick
and the touchpad.  This happens every other time, so, after this
function is called with information about the stick it's called again
with information about the touchpad.

So, if I hold down a stick-button the function is called with info
"button 1 is down", then it's called again with touchpad data and for
the touchpad, no button is down.  Because of this gpm releases the
button. Next time it's called, it's about the stick again and "button 1
is down" again, so gpm presses the button down again.

This means that if you hold the button down, it presses it, then
releases it, then presses it and so on.

The attached patch disables the touchpad when the sticks button is
down.  This may not be the perfect solution but I really don't think
that anyone wants to use the stick buttons and move the mouse with the
touchpad at the same time!

So, with this patch (to latest cvs) the touchpad and the stick both
works great for me!

Tavin Cole, this should also work for you since you have the exact same
laptop as I do!

Happy new years guys!

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