[gpm] Linux device number bug report

WEI Yongjun yjwei@nanjing-fnst.com
Wed Dec 31 04:55:58 CET 2003


I have some questions about device number extension.

In Linux kernel 2.6, device number will be extended from 16-bit to 32-bit. All utilities and libraries should make corresponding extension for this new feature in kernel 2.6. 

I find that "gpm-1.19.3" uses structure dev_t and operates the device number as 16-bit.
1. gpm-root.c line 49:

#include <sys/sysmacros.h>
#define major(dev) (((unsigned) (dev))>>8)
#define minor(dev) ((dev)&0xff)

This is a backup for lost of system defined macro major and minor, but all of these operations 
look dev_t as 16 bits instead of 32 bits, so they will call problem when actually use them.

Since I didn't find any information about this aspect in homepage of this package, I wonder whether the latest version has completed the device number extension? If not, will it be completed in the future? And when?

Looking forward to answering.

Wei Yongjun
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