[gpm]Update to keyboard hanging

Alessandro Rubini rubini@gnu.org
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 09:05:00 +0100


> After asking on a couple different lists and getting no useful reply,

it's a big problem, as the ps2 mouse is hanled by the keyboard
controller, and problems happen oh so often.

> I decided go out and buy a USB mouse and give that a try.

A good choice. Unfortunately, let me add -- I hate forced upgrades.

> GPM is still reading /dev/psaux and it's working. Can someone make
> heads or tails of this? Is it normal or is my motherboard funky?

Both.  You know, the PC is a piece of crap, full of backward
compatibility hacks since people can't recompile their software.  So
sometimes you see hardware emulation of a ps2 behaviour for non-ps2
stuff. I have a box where the usb keyboard looks like a standard (ps2)

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