[gpm]Re: [Savannah] gpm want to be a GNU package

Robert Millan zeratul2@wanadoo.es
Sun Jul 20 17:05:20 CEST 2003

> The following project was submitted to Savannah. It needs evaluation to
> become a GNU package, can you give it a look, please ? 
> Submitter: <nico-linux@bogus.example.com>
> Project Full Name:  General Purpose Mouse
> Project System Name:  gpm
> License:  gpl
> Approval URL: https://savannah.gnu.org/admin/groupedit.php?group_id=4859
> Description: GPM is the general purpose mouse
> It supports your mouse in the console.
> See http://linux.schottelius.org/gpm/
> for more information.


GNU packages are expected to work well with the rest of the GNU system,
but GPM seems to be specific to the Linux console.

Do you plan to add support for the console of the OS GNU? (I.e: the userspace
console server in the Hurd package.) It'd be very nice if you did (asides
that it might be a requisite)

Robert Millan

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