.Chris Okeke Okeke@thai.com
Sun Jul 27 18:36:01 CEST 2003

From: Dr.Chris Okeke.

Dear Friend,

IT IS URGENT AND STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Reaching you and it's courtesy of my favourite international business directory, which vividly tells your position and capability to execute this business presently with
me in my office.

We have Eleven Million Five Hundred and Twenty Three Thousand United State Dollars,(US$11.523.000.00)which we got from over-inflated contracts awarded to foreign contractor in the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria.We are seeking your permission to transfer this money into an account that will be provided by you.

The said money will be shared between you and my partners (Colleagues) here in Nigeria. We have agreed to share the funds as follows:

I. 20% of the total sum for you (Account Owner)
II. 70% of the total sum for us (The official involved)
III. 10% of the total sum of setting all financial

expenses which might be incurred by you and us in the course of this
transaction.We will visit you immediately we conclude this transaction to collect and invest our share of total sum into any viable business you may advise in your country.

Please,let me know if you are interested in this business by replying
urgently.Full details of this business will be sent to you upon receipt of your reply. For the purpose of communication in this matter, please provide your confidential telephone and fax numbers including your private home telephone number.

We await your urgent reply and be rest assured that this transaction is 100% risk free, there is no risk involved on both sides,as the proceedure will follow the normal process that the government releases money to foreign contractors.


Yours faithfully,

Dr.Chris Okeke.

NB:For the confidenciality of this transaction all mails to me should go to: okeke00ng@hknetmail.com

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