[gpm]Re: psmouse: synaptics (2.6.0-test1|2)

Nico Schottelius nico-kernel@schottelius.org
Tue Jul 29 01:22:17 CEST 2003

Peter Osterlund [Mon, Jul 28, 2003 at 09:13:49PM +0200]:
> Nico Schottelius <nico-kernel@schottelius.org> writes:
> > My questions:
> >    3) how can I read /dev/misc/psaux in Linux 2.6 ?
> AFAIK, you can't.

that could be a problem..

> >    1) why are you implementing drivers in the kernel?
> Because the raw psaux device is no longer exposed to user space.

means we _are_ obsoleted from now on...
if that's true I'll try to help you to use code from gpm where possible.
and I hope we can work together so we can use gpm once again.
(and possibly develop a buffer, which is available within
gpm and X...I am rethinking this currently)

> >    2) what source of information do you use to program them?
> The synaptics touchpad interfacing guide. I think this link is still valid:
>         http://www.synaptics.com/decaf/utilities/ACF126.pdf

think so, too. but in fact as my dmesg shows, the touchpad doesn't
like you..and I would like to use it :)
So, is /dev/input/mice now the general device to use?
If yes, is it imps2 or what should we talk to it?

> >    3.1) howto get gpm running?
> You have to hack gpm to add support for the 2.6 kernel driver.

...another brick in the .. another hack in gpm.

> Until
> someone fixes gpm you have to use the "psmouse_noext=1" module  option.

good hint, at least somehow I can work with X & gpm..

> >    3.2) is the patch mentioned for X implemented in X cvs?
> No, not currently. Aside from technical considerations, there is also
> a license problem, because the synaptics driver is GPL:ed, which is
> not compatible (I think) with the license used by XFree86.

Btw, aren't there any 'real' alternatives to xfree86?

> This means
> that all copyright holders for the synaptics driver need to agree to
> change the license, or their contributions have to be removed and
> reimplemented.

...or xfree86 people have to change to gpl...

good evenin'


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