[gpm] Keyboard-controlled mouse

Ricky Buchanan rb@tertius.net.au
Thu Nov 20 21:18:58 CET 2003

Alessandro Rubini wrote:
> > I think this is possible, as gpm only reads devices.
> > Simply setup a FIFO or a device, which sends your keyboard keys
> > mapped to ps2 events :)
> The problem is separating keypresses: you'll need to have some keys
> delivered to gpm (after mapping them to some kind of packet) and other
> keys managed normally.

I think the trick would be to use something like keylink
or funkeys http://gerg.ca/hacks/funkey/ which can pull keystrokes
and send them elsewhere.  They're both kernel patches.

Then you'd just need the key->ps2 daemon (trivial) and a device
(dunno how, but i doubt it's hard).

> /alessandro, who moves the mouse using the keyboard by telling vtwm to do so

is that in X?


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