[gpm] flaky movement and buttons when using both stick and touchpad (ultranav)

Peter Berg Larsen pebl@math.ku.dk
Fri Nov 21 17:20:26 CET 2003

On Fri, 21 Nov 2003, Tavin Cole wrote:

> hi all
> i have an IBM Thinkpad R40 with an UltraNav (trackpoint stick w/ 3
> buttons and touchpad w/ 2 buttons)

Could you sent the info/debug messages? with name, model, firmware

> 1. sooner or later, when tapping the touchpad, the pointer will move off
> in a random direction for a (seemingly) random distance
> 2. following this, the touchpad buttons do not work, but pressing them
> causes the pointer to move again in the same direction for some
> distance.  the stick buttons work but also cause this pointer motion.
> 3. also, when using the stick there is a bias for the pointer to move in
> the same direction as the random movement described above.  iow, the
> pointer will go in that direction when pressing lightly on the stick in
> the opposite direction.

All three are "symptoms" if you are doing a drag_lock. (or less likely a
toss). Try turning them off.

> 4. sometimes while moving the pointer with the touchpad and holding down
> a stick button, the system thinks i have released the stick button but
> i'm still holding it down.
> 5. the touchpad buttons work again after moving the pointer with the
> touchpad.  sometimes it takes a few tries though.  then the random
> movements stop occurring, until you use the stick or a stick button or
> again tap the touchpad just right.

There is a bug with the reverse situation (touchpad buttons and stick)
if handling buttons actions that are more complex than do-a-left-click.

Which synaptics.c version are you using? The one that came with gpm or one
from the gpm archive?


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