[gpm] Re: gpm-2.19.6 and linux-

w.szukalski szukw000@students.uni-mainz.de
Wed Oct 20 08:13:39 CEST 2004

I sent the followding EMAIL to this list:

>I have a SLACKWARE-10.0 distribution and use:
>gpm-1.19.6, linux-, fvwm-2.4.18, vim-6.3, PS/2-mouse SM-20 with 
>800 dpi
>I usually have four XTERM open. In one XTERM I open a file using VIM. 
>The CURSOR  shivers vertically, although I do not touch  the mouse.
>But sometimes the following happens: the CURSOR jumps, text is copied >into the open file, the XTERM is maximized. When I slightly knock at >the mouse, the CURSOR appears (mostly) at the righmost border of the >monitor.
>A kernel problem? A mouse problem? Can I configure any DEBUG options  
>in GPM to find (something) out?

Then I downloaded, compiled and installed

   gpm 1.20.1 (X-Mas), Decembre 2002

And it seems that all problems have vanished. 


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