initrd with rootfs autodetect

Oleg Gusev
Tue Apr 27 19:32:45 CEST 2004

> Happily, it is. I didn't notice a difference in free output, though. Hum.


umount /initrd/dev
umount /initrd/proc
umount  !whatever else you have mounted!
umount /initrd
blockdev --flushbufs /dev/ram0

to the custom j820 rc script. We need two such scripts to
clean up all the stuff after wince/ and for returning to wince,

> I'm not doing anything, for I don't know where to change it.
in .config during your kernel compilation. Because hpcboot
doesn't setup the command line options, as needed.

> > i have moved "standard" /linuxrc to /linuxrc.old (it's hardlinked)
> > and put the shell script /linuxrc as i have posted yesterday.
> Is it executed as PID=9 or PID=1 ?

PID=1 because this shell script is the init in my case.

> Do you use the init from busybox or debian?

When you do 'exec /sbin/init' you are already chrooted to debian.

> My oh my! I've got a civilized machine once more!

Imagine how i was excited when i saw X running!!
Now we need to fix opie, or to try GPE.
There are some good news from the openembedded people,
maybe we can try their zaurus image. If you remember,
my CF image is modified zaurus initrd.tar.gz


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