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Smith, Todd
Thu Aug 12 15:15:58 CEST 2004

Welcome and good luck!

Your first post is pretty important since that shows us where the true state
of the code is at.  Being able to download some code and get it to work
reasonably is a good first step.  Many of the principal hackers are busy
right this minute, but hang around and I sure that they will chime in with
some answers or other questions for you.

Todd Smith <>

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From: Derek Easte
Sent: 8/11/2004 11:17 PM
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I recently had an 820 given to me (presumably its owner had no real use
it), so after much browsing I discovered a bunch of Jornada owners are
porting linux to this otherwise unimpressive beast, and forthwith
many Mb, result - I have managed to get the smallish tarfile from "oleg"

installed on a CF card and running. Generally the system now resembles
'80s pc running, say Xenix, with multi-consoles, command line, shell 
programming and so on.

I managed to get a swap partition up, which all seems to work fine. I
out gpm on a console and that seems to work too, cutting and pasting
like it 
should, selection can be a bit clumsy because the touchpad seems a bit 
oversensitive. I have run mc as well and found that setting TERM to
gives a nice colour screen and all the function keys appear to work as 
documented, except for certain keyboard deficiences.

The only real "problem" I have noticed so far is the hardware clock
to "work" differently in native (CE) mode, than linux. I have noticed
ignoring CE's pleas to set up the system, and leaving the date and time 
settings alone, appears to leave the linux system date intact, but
trying to 
use the CE "Universal Date and Time" util results in an "out of memory" 
error. I can be more detailed with this particular issue if anyone else
interested, but for now if I just let linux take care of the settings, 
things are fine.

Ok, well I haven't so far spent a lot of time investigating the
of the Debian linux distro, but I have managed to completely crash the
several times, e.g. trying to start an X server, or dump kernel or
pages, but I also realise that this is all still fairly experimental.
As to the hardware itself, after reading some of the mail archives it
that there may well be insurmountable obstacles to ever getting all of
820's potential hardware "goodies" up and running a linux driver. I note
discussion about HP's design shortcuts, which apparently mean that
these machines can be "re-engineered" (a fairly unlikely event, unless 
has access to an electronics manufacturing plant?) then we are stuck
its current design and its limitations.

The power drain when linux is running also appears to be an issue, the 
battery quickly runs down meaning that use of the ac adapter is a linux 
requirement, or expect an unwanted shutdown.

Nonetheless, many of the hardware issues appear to have been overcome 
through the efforts of a small bunch (who apparently seek no reward
than perhaps the satisfaction of seeing it work).
The Jornada 820 appears to be a bit of an outcast, in the sense that
Jornada models seem to have hardware designs that are better linux 
platforms, perhaps the 820 will remain forever a "bad"  linux system
of these design shortcuts. We shall see.

Perhaps I can offer some assistance. For now, I am just "trying out" the

thing, seeing what works and what doesn't. I remember reading a news
somewhere about someone getting an X server running on an 820.. so far,
haven't been able to do this.

Sorry for the long ramble, this is my first post...

Derek Easte

just a humble programmer

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