Hello && a few questions

Arne Kowallik a.kowallik@tu-bs.de
Sat Dec 4 18:53:47 CET 2004


1. How to power "off" the system???
   I used j820 booted by hpcbootm.
   reboot, halt, ...  doesn't work!
   I have reseted the device. The settings for the
   screen was poor. Contrast was zero. I have to 
   change it manualy every time.

2. "... and chain-boot into it ..."
   How can I do this?
   (Linux on CF, e.g. copy of old/oleg/TAR.bz2)
   What does "wd", "sd" and "md" mean at hpcbootm param?
   Can I have the rootfs in a file like j820?
   What file type can I use for that file?
3. openembedded.org and handhelds.org are dead!
   Are there any mirrors?

4. Can anybody tell me some tips which linux distribution to use?
   CF is 128 MB, 32 MB RAM

   Is Gentoo still aviable for ARM?

   What do you recommend?

5. Can I have more than one partition on a CF?

   Eg. first part width 3 MB fat16 for booting from WinCE.
   Second width linux rootfs.
   Must the fs typ be minix?

6. How can I load orinoco driver? (j820)
   I extracted modules from modules.tar.bz2:
   But /sbin/cardmgr want to load 
   modprobe failed also: "modprobe: could not parse modules.dep".
   (depmod doesn't exists)
   Manuel insmod failed. How can I see the dependencies?
   ("insmod: unresolved symbol hermes_*")
7. I'm look for a good description about the different choices
   for GUI. (X11, PicoGUI, Qtopia, ...)

   Does anybody knows a good paper/page?

Bye, Arne

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