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Faré fahree@gmail.com
Sun Dec 5 05:47:58 CET 2004

On Sat,  4 Dec 2004 18:53:47 +0100, Arne Kowallik <a.kowallik@tu-bs.de> wrote:
> Hi!
Hi. Welcome aboard.

> 1. How to power "off" the system???
>    I used j820 booted by hpcbootm.
>    reboot, halt, ...  doesn't work!
>    I have reseted the device. The settings for the
>    screen was poor. Contrast was zero. I have to
>    change it manualy every time.

Maybe this needs be made prominent on the web site. Basically, you
remove all the power sources: AC adapter, main batteries AND secondary
batteries (located on the left side).

> 2. "... and chain-boot into it ..."
>    [http://jornada820.sourceforge.net/binaries.html]
>    How can I do this?
>    (Linux on CF, e.g. copy of old/oleg/TAR.bz2)
See function rootfs and/or pivot_root in /etc/functions.

>    What does "wd", "sd" and "md" mean at hpcbootm param?
Nothing. We inherited that from hpcboot being a BSD bootloader.

>    Can I have the rootfs in a file like j820?
Not sure what you mean. You probably want it in a partition of your CF card.

>    What file type can I use for that file?
Not a matter of file type. If you're using a file, use the loop.o kernel module.

> 3. openembedded.org and handhelds.org are dead!
>    Are there any mirrors?

> 4. Can anybody tell me some tips which linux distribution to use?
>    CF is 128 MB, 32 MB RAM
Nice to have that much RAM. As for CF -- you could use Oleg's TAR.bz2
(based on debian) on that much CF.

>    Is Gentoo still aviable for ARM?
No idea.

>    What do you recommend?
No idea. I only have a 32MB CF, and use an ad-hoc set of tools.

> 5. Can I have more than one partition on a CF?
Sure. You could use one for WinCE, one for linux, and maybe even one for swap.

>    Must the fs typ be minix?
Yes, unless you have a CF card reader to initialize it to ext2 on your
desktop, or a network card to mount a debian distribution over NFS
from which to use mke2fs.

> 6. How can I load orinoco driver? (j820)
Ask someone else. Maybe insmod other modules first.

> 7. I'm look for a good description about the different choices
>    for GUI. (X11, PicoGUI, Qtopia, ...)
Someone else might answer.

>    Does anybody knows a good paper/page?
On the bootdisk, use vi. On a more featureful distribution, use less.


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