G Almasi
Sun Feb 1 21:43:29 CET 2004

Oleg, I have added your blurb to the documentation; I have moved
the documentation; and I have changed the memory to 16MBytes.

I will prepare a new patch set soon with your changes.

Looks like the project is getting traction. Guys,
think very hard about where we could host a CVS archive

* a copy of the kernel (we can always generate diffs,
and keep it up to date vs. the mainline), and
* a copy of the busybox-based ramdisk, so Oleg can hack it to
his heart's content.

Does anybody have space to offer, free of legal encumbrances?
the host would have to have port 2401 (or something) open,
and the owner would have to administer CVS access.


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