status report 01022004

David Jones
Mon Feb 2 15:17:46 CET 2004

Hi Oleg

Thanks for the reply!  I stared with the cvs kernel
from and their cross compiler.  I used
the tool chain from  I just now got it
to compile without errors and boot on my Jornada. 
When I applied the second patch from 2004-1-29, it
gave me errors on several files saying either that
they already existed and asked if it should assume a
-R or that a reverse patch was detected and asked
about applying it.  This time I took the defaults
except for replaceing the defconfig file.  Could it be
that the kernel that I got from was
already patched? 


--- Oleg Gusev <> wrote:
>  Hi Dave,
>    i have downloaded the handhelds cvs kernel tree
> and
>    applied the 2004-01-29 patch without any
> problems.
>    What trouble do you actually have ? After the
> kernel compilation
>    do the "windows way" and make a full reset by
>    removing all the batteries, before starting
> hpcboot.exe
>  Oleg.
> > Do you have your patches or a combined patch
> posted
> > somewhere where it can be downloaded?  I have a
> > working compile from G Almasi 2004-01-24 patch but
> I'm
> > having trouble getting his 2004-01-29 patch to
> work
> > correctly.

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