video output.

Oleg Gusev
Wed Feb 4 23:35:01 CET 2004

 Hi guys,
   no new day without hacking j820!
   I have found what was wrong with my code,
   and now we have more details about the video 
   In the "standard fb" mode the SNPR=0, video out disabled.
   with 'HP Show on'
   SNPR=0x88190000 -> out=on,bank=01,fbsize=0x190 1k blocks, addr_offset=0
   With 'Pocket OpenOffice'
   SNPR=0x90700000 -> out=on,bank=10,fbsize=0x700 1k blocks, addr_offset=0

  In all cases 
  SMCR=0x1e -> 12 rows/9 cols, USBreq prio > VGAreq.
  VMCCR=0x100 ???
    with video out=on
  VMCCR=0x86 -> looks ok, but no refresh ?

  SKCDR=0x127 for 1024, 0xa7 for 800.
  SKPCR=0x6f/7f with video on/ 0x67- off.

  If i properly understand the SA1101 datasheet, addr_offset=0 means
  that the video fbmem is at SA1101_BASE+0xc000...+addr_offset*1024,
  i.e at 0xd8.... (DRAM bank 3) and is 2MB big.
  Hmm, it can explain why SA1101_BASE is in ROM bank 3 :)


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