Jornada820 Digest, Vol 4, Issue 11

G Almasi
Sun Feb 15 03:51:52 CET 2004

> Considering lack of response from,
> I have just registered a jornada820 project on
> Request is pending but should be treated by monday night.
> I propose that we put on CVS only the files we add or modify,
> and have a build system that automatically downloads the sources
> to modify (and keeps a cache in some place) and patches them
> then builds, like OE does. Or maybe we should just join Open Embedded,
> and patch it for jornada820??? Darn...

I tried doing that on sf two weeks ago, and got rejected without 
Here's hoping that you will be more successful.

I'm not sure about your comments on CVS use. I would like to copy
the main kernel from into our repository, and then keep
it synced with that kernel. I have had a lot of success *exporting*
an existing CVS repository and *reimporting* it into my own.
This way you get the same effect as if you were working on a CVS branch.

Every month or so you can cvs export the linux kernel tree from
and cvs import it into our own. Then you have to "merge" the import 
into our
main line. Typically this is 5 minutes work, because we work on files 
the main
line never touches, so there are no conflicts. And it's not like the 
line linux kernel changes too fast.

But I don't really know how OE does things. I guess we can also try 
things and see what works best! If you get the sf account, certainly 
you will
call the shots.


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