TODO list.

Oleg Gusev
Fri Feb 20 16:00:36 CET 2004

 Hi guys,

  i am interested who is doing what, to avoid
  possible work duplication. Yesterday i found
  two debian installations for zaurus and tested
  both by copying to CF and chrooting. With
  (reduced) 16MB RAM they are dead slow,
  dpkg makes only OOM even with +16MB swap, 
  but work. So, here are my questions:
  what should be put on the 'minimal ramdisk' ?
  cardmgr,cardctl, /etc/pcmcia, what else ?
  has somebody already done that ?
  is somebody working on
  1. sa1101-usb 
  2. sa1101-fb
  3. ucb1x00-*
  4. decoding ser1 datastream
  5. modifying keyboard driver
  6. other things ?


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