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David Jones
Sat Feb 21 23:12:36 CET 2004

Ok.  Keep the idea or suggestions coming:)

Some of that I have already started on.  I just
haven't put the page or link up yet.  I have already
uploaded the hpboot stuff, the ramdisk image, Georges
patches and instructions.  I was debating on putting a
link for a compiled image or not.  I guess I will. 
Which arm doc files would be best to put on there? 
I'll probably get this done yet today.  I've been
working on it between the family stuff.  Being a
single father with 3 teenage girls, it can be busy
around here:)


--- Francois-Rene Rideau <> wrote:
> David,
> on the homepage, can you:
> * put a link to the project page
> * put a link to the Documentation/arm/Jornada820
> instruction file via cvsweb
> * release hpcbootl.exe as a project file
> * release a compiled kernel as a project file
> * release a ramdisk image as a project file
> Hum. OK, some of that might not be possible right
> now,
> but will be in a few hours...
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