1 kHz counter device

Francois-Rene Rideau fare@tunes.org
Sun Feb 22 04:52:23 CET 2004

Using such commands as
	dd if=/dev/mem bs=16 count=1 skip=$[0xc005c080/16] | od -t x4
(From a chroot to pocketworkstation.org)
And the reverse
	echo 'abcdefghij' | dd if=t2 of=/dev/mem bs=16 seek=$[0xc005c080/16]
I could confirm that the 1 kHz counter is still working when Linux is booted,
and that while it's only 16 bit, it also zeroes the 16-bit high bits
at same address.

> I vote for character device /proc/driver/fux0red_rtc if you will write it :)
Who needs a special device when you can dd if=/dev/mem ??? ;->

PS: I completed the coverage of all keys into the j820_keyb.c driver
by mapping on/off to F12. George had left many keys unmapped or badly mapped.
George: you're not used to using the arrow keys, are you?
Are you a vi user? or an Emacs user on an old terminal?

PPS: I'm having quite some trouble trying to install debian in this chroot.
Currently, I'm trying to debootstrap from the PC instead...

	debootstrap --arch arm --include=xemacs21,screen,zsh-beta,ssh,gnutls-bin,telnet,lynx,ca-certificates,w3m,w3mmee,w3m-img,w3mmee-img,recode,madplay,sox,bzip2,gzip,tar,rsync,diff,patch,wdiff,cvs,console-tools,fbset,fbiterm,fbi,prboom,make,gpm,fbgetty,nfs-kernel-server,nfs-client,irda-tools,gps-utils,dict,dictd,dict-foldoc,dict-gcide,dict-wn,dict-moby-thesaurus,dict-freedict-eng-fra,dict-freedict-fra-eng,aspell,aspell-bin,aspell-fr,aspell-en,apt-utils,cvsutils,dialog,strace sarge /arc/jornada http://ftp.fr.debian.org/debian

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