cvs kernel

Francois-Rene Rideau
Sun Feb 22 00:22:56 CET 2004

The public CVS server lags behind the developers' repository,
so until it is next synchronized, you'll have to use a developer account
to access the greatest and latest jornada820 kernel.

Create your account and mail me the name so I add you,
if you want to be developer. Then you can use add your SSH key
to the CVS server, wait for it to propagate, and enjoy.
Check site documentation for details.

Once you have setup all this authentication stuff, you can:
	cvs -d :ext:$ checkout kernel/linux/kernel
and follow the instructions in

Until the project releases files for the ramdisk and hpcboot,
you can find them in
	ftp server:
	user: jornada
	password: 820
	directory: /linux/oleg/

Have fun!

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