1 kHz counter device

Oleg Gusev oleg@usm.uni-muenchen.de
Sun Feb 22 12:45:22 CET 2004

> dd if=/dev/mem bs=16 count=1 skip=$[0xc005c080/16] | od -t x4

This is pure evil. We need to cleanup and reset everything wince has set up.
If the problem persists, this page should be marked as dead. 

>PS: I completed the coverage of all keys into the j820_keyb.c driver

I guess you don't have a US keyboard. Can you also support the
localized layouts ?

>Are you a vi user? or an Emacs user on an old terminal?

ed(1) is the real $EDITOR!

> Currently, I'm trying to debootstrap from the PC instead...

Please add cu, (a)getty, pppd and the packages needed to control the available
hardware: irda, mixer, wireless, usblib/lsusb, xawtv :)
I'm using the zaurus C760 tarball now, the pocketworkstation.org 'big'
tarball is 100MB and does not have even ps/top/pppd !


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