The CVS reorg.

G Almasi
Mon Feb 23 01:12:16 CET 2004

OK - I finally had a few hours of time to spend on the project,
and I re-organized the CVS repository more to my liking.

You should now be able to set your CVS root to


and "cvs checkout bootimage"

In the bootimage directory there's a Makefile - so if you
hit make there, you should end up with the "j820" boot
image file that you can feed to hpcboot.exe.

The boot image consists of a kernel and a busybox-based
ramdisk. While compiling, your make process will attempt
to download busybox and the pcmcia package.

The ramdisk is fairly raw - the file /etc/init.d/rcS needs
a lot of work still. If you think you can contribute, help
yourself to it. The direction I'd like to see the ramdisk
go is smaller, with fewer functions, to function only as a
springboard to a "real" CF-mounted root. E.g. no network
support and so on. But for now those things are there.

Please use the "bootimage" directory for all development from
today on. All of the kernel diffs that have been floating
around - I'd like to see them in this CVS directory too ;-)

I'll be checking in the mouse driver soon. Of course, to
test the mouse you need gpm (or X, assuming you've made it work;
I haven't yet managed to do that).


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