The CVS reorg.

Francois-Rene Rideau
Mon Feb 23 02:19:56 CET 2004

Dear George,

you forgot to cvs add arch/arm/boot/j820 so I did
and committed my version of your files.
If you modified anything since january 29, please merge.
Everything looks quite alright, now.

As for userland, I'm building a debian installation on NFS.
You have to install some packets first (i.e. dialog),
but afterwards, it's only a matter of patience and disk space.

For a tighter userland, openembedded is the way to go.
Their previous working buildroot system is no more supported,
and their new build system is not producing complete rootfs yet. Darn.
But they can dump nice tight small root images for your CF.

As for the initial ramdisk, the size isn't that important
if we find a way to get rid of the bootdisk after remounting a new rootfs.
If that's the case, then please keep networking in it
so we can boot through NFS or some such.

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