The CVS reorg.

Francois-Rene Rideau
Mon Feb 23 05:12:24 CET 2004

OK, I committed what I had of Oleg's patches:
* a mtd device for the ROM
* tentative support for the UCB 1x00 connected through the MCP.

I also committed a few .cvsignore.

Finally, I did a mistake by committing a bunch of header files:
the Linux build process touches these files,
and then CVS gets confused because they include a $Id$ tag.
If the problem happens again, the best is to delete the line with $Id$.

Considering the little of modification of actual code, the kernel should work.
I compiled it correctly; too sleepy to boot -- try it out!

PS: packages take literally hours to install with my tentative debian setup.
Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Or maybe debian is just bloated. My guess:
it's slow because debian uses text files instead of an indexed database.

PPS: failed to use OZ's buildroot; had issues with a circular dependency bug.

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