galmasi@optonline.net galmasi@optonline.net
Mon Feb 23 22:42:30 CET 2004

> Whereas a nasty missing feature CAN matter a lot
when you need it,
> and doesn't take that much space anyway, really.
> I mean, you were willing to sacrifice 2MB
permanently to WinCE
> - why not sacrifice 400kB temporarily to a more
featureful busybox?

I wasn't "willing" to sacrifice the 2MB of memory -
I just
didn't know how to program around it. Never attribute to
malevolence what you can explain with incompetence!

I agree that we could make the ramdisk larger
if there is a way to get rid of it later.
It's a better debugging tool than a full-fledged distro.
If you want to checking a more feature-enabled
please do so. All you have to do is run "make
in the busybox directory, and then copy the
resulting .config
into ../busybox.cfg - much like in the case of the
kernel itself.

I think there is room to spare up to 3MB in 
the current ramdisk image, and we can make the ramdisk 
larger if necessary.

On a larger ramdisk, I would also enable telnetd, start
the network with dhcpcd and start multiple virtual
Too bad my favorite editor won't fit onto the
ramdisk. No,
don't guess - it's not WordStar: it's emacs ;-) Using my
Debian distro, it takes 30 seconds to come up.


PS. Thanks for fixing the keyboard. It's really nice
to have
command line history and to be able to use the
cursor keys
correctly ;-)

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