Francois-Rene Rideau fare@tunes.org
Mon Feb 23 23:34:27 CET 2004

On Mon, Feb 23, 2004 at 04:42:30PM -0500, galmasi@optonline.net wrote:
> I wasn't "willing" to sacrifice the 2MB of memory -
> I just didn't know how to program around it. Never attribute to
> malevolence what you can explain with incompetence!
Actually, you know, after having learnt the hard way about 0xC005C080,
I took it as a honor and a priviledge that you would let me
put in the kernel the lines that program around this "interesting feature".

> I agree that we could make the ramdisk larger
> if there is a way to get rid of it later.
We *know* from Documentation/initrd.txt that we can get rid of it later;
it's just a SMOP. So I vote for a maximal busybox in our default ramdisk.

> If you want to checking a more feature-enabled busybox.cfg,
> please do so.
Thanks. I won't be able to hack for one day or two,
but I definitely will if no one does it in the meantime.

> On a larger ramdisk, I would also enable telnetd, start
> the network with dhcpcd and start multiple virtual
> terminals.
Beware: pivot_root mightn't like programs already started
on other virtual terminals. More accurately, after the pivot_root,
you must umount the initrd, and then flush the ramdisk;
but you can't umount the initrd if processes still use it
(even if it's only having their cwd pointing to it).

> Too bad my favorite editor won't fit onto the
> ramdisk. No,
> don't guess - it's not WordStar: it's emacs ;-)
Yes, Emacs rules, VI sucks!
Anyone who disagrees will be fired from the project! :-)

> Using my Debian distro, it takes 30 seconds to come up.
Oh, so you tried it. Ahem.
Maybe we can trim the default emacs configuration
so that it will start faster?

Will be one of my future projects...

> PS. Thanks for fixing the keyboard. It's really nice
> to have command line history and to be able to use the
> cursor keys correctly ;-)
Actually, you had command line history with C-p and C-n,
just like in Emacs :)

OK, so can anyone more knowledgeable than I (or willing to become so)
fix the lack of cursor? I suppose there's something to do in sa1100fb.c.

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