PCMCIA - power setting, Touchpad, USB, etc

Hasjim Williams jornada820@lists.futaris.org
Tue Feb 24 10:45:26 CET 2004

On Mon, 23 Feb 2004 20:27:53 -0500, "G Almasi" <galmasi@optonline.net>
> >   Some things are really generic and not jornada820
> >   specific (like pcmcia/sa1100_jornada820.c).
> >   It asks for pcmcia/sa1101_generic.c name (and is a port
> >   of sa1111_generic.c anyway).
> Not true, unfortunately. The way power is set for the cards is
> implementation dependent. I believe that I haven't yet gotten
> it right for the Jornada either. In any case, most of the code
> could migrate to sa1101_generic, but there would still be a
> need for sa1101_jornada820.c file.

This is definitely true.  Under Linux, my 2GB Toshiba Hard Disk does not
work.  I haven't looked at how sa1101_jornada820.c handles setting power,
but the card refuses to even ident under Linux, and works fine in Windows
CE and my yenta socket.  What registers I should be looking at in Windows
CE, to see how the power is set?  The card doesn't work/powerup until I
say yes to the "Do you want to use this PC card on battery power?"
> In time, I will do it. I believe that right now we have more
> urgent things to do.

Such as USB, VGA, X, userspace, etc.  I will endeavour to get USB working
in the next day or two.
> > P.S.  Has anyone tried to get the touch pad working?
> It's working in yesterday's release (tagged FEB22_2004).
> Try it with gpm.

This is good news.  
> Actually ... if I turn on my memory extension (so I have 32 MB of RAM)
> emacs comes up in only 5 seconds ;-)

Have you scanned the 32MB module and given a copy to the list?  It would
be nice to create a schematic and PCB for those of us without 32MB of

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