Jornada820 Digest, Vol 4, Issue 25

Oleg Gusev
Tue Feb 24 11:37:22 CET 2004

> In time, I will do it. I believe that right now we have more
> urgent things to do.

I can't disagree, but i want that the people who write
new drivers (usb,vga,etc.) keep modularization in mind,
which is
1. The right thing(tm).
  Look at `find . -name ucb1\*` in the kernel tree
  and watch how everybody has written the driver
  once again for his priceless board.
2. Makes the move to 2.6 easier
3. Helps to populate /lib/modules/* on the

Thanks for pointing me to the pcmcia power problem,
i have oversimplified the things.
We have three (well, 4) non-generic files now:
init.S, jornada820.c, pcmcia/sa1101_jornada820.c and
powerd-jornada820.c. The last one should export the
apm interface, like apm.c, and provide the rest to 
The backup battery driver will be j820 specific too,
and whatever is on the UCB1200 GPIO pins.
I still don't understand how to control brightness/
black level/backlight portably. How do ipaq people
do that ? Though they are not an example of doing things
portable. How is the VGA monitor controlled via USB,
or is it also unsupported in Linux ? Somebody should
enlighten me :)


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