Module Modularization

Oleg Gusev
Tue Feb 24 14:03:12 CET 2004

>Are there really other people out there using the USAR?  About the only
>other board is the brutus eval board, AFAIK.

I'm far from being a linux newbie, but i always read the help
in menuconfig and find it very useful. When there is nothing
there, i feel very disappointed. IMHO, the driver name
should tell exactly what hardware is supported, and
in the help we can write "Enable the device if you want the
keyboard support on HP jornada820". For the people
who don't compile their kernel and never read the help,
there is def-config/jornada820.

>Is the Trackpad a standard PS/2 Trackpad???  I suppose this driver should
>be separate, particularly as I assume you can also connect a PS/2
>keyboard to the SA1101.

Looking at the motherboard, i suspect that the sa1101-ieee driver
is also possible.

>Who is working on the FB/VGA driver at the moment?

Nobody AFAIK. If you will take USB, i can begin with sa1101-fb in a week.

>I'd have to agree, but there aren't that many ucb1xxx drivers...

There are no properly functioning drivers.

> Where is powerd-jornada820.c located?  

It is periodic (6 seconds) 48byte message on /dev/ttySA1 (1200bps),
i have posted the details here on the list. I plan to drain the battery
(hmm 10 hours, my previous test gave 55% discharge after 5 hours with 
pcmcia,CF, usb mouse and mc on console, probably i need to connect the VGA 
monitor) and log the whole "session".

> Yep.  Have all the GPIO pins been traced/mapped yet?

For UCB1200 GPIOs the properly functioning ucb1x00-gpio and 
ucb1x00-adc (AD0) are needed. For SA1100 GPIOs there are 2 output and 
one input pins with still unknown function.


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