David Jones goofy_36@yahoo.com
Tue Feb 24 13:31:45 CET 2004

> Best way to be sure no one is: be the only process
> left.
> Maybe busybox knows about runlevels, so you could
> have
> a "runlevel" of it kill everything before to start
> the pivot_root procedure.
> Otherwise, kill things manually.
> Follow all the steps in initrd.txt.
> PS: could cardmgr without -o or another daemon be
> the culprit?
I'll give that a try. 
> Note that maybe you can pivot_root first, and then
> kill afterwards?
> I mean, I suppose you only really need kill old
> processes before you umount,
> and not before you pivot_root.
> Can you test things manually?
Right now I've been putting in echo statements to
track what get executed in linuxrc.  I've also been
putting in things like 'ls /dev' to see what comes up
and when.  Hmmm  I'll try testing manually tonight and
maybe put in a 'ps -ef' before doing the pivot_root. 
That may give me some idea what's hanging things. 
Also for anyone interested, there is some
documentation on linuxrc at
www.ibiblio.org/peanut/initrd$.txt  I'll be looking
over it tonight and try to see what I've been missing.

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