Userland for Linux on HP Jornada 820

David Jones
Wed Jan 28 23:08:30 CET 2004

Hi All

I have been thinking the same thing concerning
userland.  I'm a bit biased though since I also have a
Zaurus and have used OpenZaurus.  So I would vote ( in
no order ) for OpenZaurus, Familiar, or Cacko.  My
vote for the Zaurus is because it's a current
commercial product, linux based, and has a keyboard. 
So there should be more development activity for it
and more available apps.  This would leave less for us
to have to port.  The next choice would be a userland
for the Ipaq for many of the same reasons.

Thanks to George, I'm getting excited about the
progress !

--- Francois-Rene Rideau <> wrote:
> Dear all,
> now that there is a running kernel (though with few
> bells and whistle),
> it is time to start thinking about a userland
> environment.
> We're looking for a distribution that
> * is oriented toward full keyboard&mouse rather than
> stylus&optional keyboard.
> * is optimized for 640x480 display, few colors
> * can run in 16MB of RAM
> * fits say a 128 or 256MB of CF while leaving space
> for the user
> So, what is there?
> Do you have experience with them? Does any fit the
> bill?
> Which can be best tailored to our needs?
> PS: once again thanks a lot to George Almasi. Maybe
> he'll have time to
> upload his new patch & al., or maybe I'll have time 
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> As long as software is not free, we'll have hardware
> compatibility,
> hence bad, expensive, hardware that has decades-long
> obsolete design.
> 		-- Faré
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