Progress report

Francois-Rene Rideau
Sat Jul 3 23:01:30 CEST 2004

Dear j820ers,

My latest progress:
* I was using IRQMASK_LO on high interrupts -- doh!
 Now, I succeed to enable high interrupts, and got the PS2 trackpad working.

My latest problems:
* when communicating to the mouse, I get a lot of "spurious interrupt 35",
 this being the SA1101 chain interrupt (GPIO14).
 This is all the more curious since the interrupt obviously has a handler
 (since it does chain into getting the mouse to work!)
* maybe relatedly, whereas I get say 134 interrupts for sa1101ps2rx,
 I have only one for ps2tx, and 62 errors. That's a bit less than 1 error
 for every 2 ps2rx interrupts.

* I don't understand how the IRQ_SA1101_S0_READY_NIREQ and
 IRQ_SA1101_S1_READY_NIREQ interrupts are to be initialized;
 they are the SA1101 equivalent of the IRQ_S0_READY_NINT and
 IRQ_S1_READY_NINT from SA1111.
* I got one interrupt from *_S0_*_NIREQ right after the SA11xx PCMCIA
 initializes, and then nothing. I guess the PCMCIA controller is stuck
 waiting for me to properly handle an event.
* cardctl info always tells me no cards are detected.
* When *ejecting* a PCMCIA card, I receive a card detect interrupt,
 but none when *inserting* the card.

As usual, all the code is on the project CVS.


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