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Francois-Rene Rideau
Wed Jul 7 22:04:19 CEST 2004

On Wed, Jul 07, 2004 at 07:54:32PM +0200, Oleg Gusev wrote:
> You have made so much changes at once, that i still can't
> follow all of them :)
Sorry. Well, I tried to keep up with the upstream kernel,
including the sa1111 rehash by the linux-arm-kernel people.

I got basic sa1101 functionality to work, and the mouse --
but the mouse causes extra sa1101 interrupts that are noisy in 2.6
and were silent in 2.4 -- I dunno what that is and what to do.
Also, the mouse driver queries the mouse, and I've got the feeling
that the mouse is mostly not responding to those queries.

As for the PCMCIA, I got nowhere with it. I made it compile,
but never got it to initialize properly (and last I tried, not at all!).
I'm curious about any progress you make with it, but frankly,
I've abandonned any hope to make pcmcia work by myself --
there is just too much I don't understand, and I would have to read
a lot of source code and documentation just to figure out the few key things
I'm missing right now. I haven't got the courage to do it --
got other more urgent things to do.

> Anyway, i have modified the keymap table in 2.6
Hum. F12 is a more interesting binding than "POWER" for the On/Off button.
AFAIK, Linux makes no use whatsoever of "POWER".
Until we have a remote chance of getting the On/Off to work,
it would be nice to keep it mapped to F12.

> and added the correct Vpp handling to 2.6 and 2.4
Will test 2.4. Will you be trying to get PCMCIA to work in 2.6 ?

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