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Oleg Gusev
Thu Jul 8 13:05:58 CEST 2004

On Wednesday 07 July 2004 10:04 pm, Francois-Rene Rideau wrote:
> Sorry. Well, I tried to keep up with the upstream kernel,
> including the sa1111 rehash by the linux-arm-kernel people.
It was not meant negatively. I am actually really impressed
by your achievements.

> I'm curious about any progress you make with it

I make something with the code when i _feel_ i have some 5-10
free minutes :)

> Hum. F12 is a more interesting binding than "POWER" for the On/Off button.
> AFAIK, Linux makes no use whatsoever of "POWER".
> Until we have a remote chance of getting the On/Off to work,
> it would be nice to keep it mapped to F12.

I have changed it to SUSPEND. This is the right way, IMHO, and 
there is supporting code. I have replaced F11 by SYSRQ, and it
is should be possible to powerdown the machine by SYSRQ o.
What for do you need F12 ??
while they are actually on the left ?
I am also not sure about KPDOT (Lose key) and GRAVE.
For me it is a major usability issue, together with having
PGUP, PGDN, HOME and END handled by loadkeys.
While we are at it, what console font should be used
to support all the signs found on the keyboard
(like ^2, ^3, and other weird glyphs that i can't even type here) ?

> Will test 2.4. Will you be trying to get PCMCIA to work in 2.6 ?
Not right now. We should get the parent sa1101 driver
infrastructure first: merge SA-1101.h into hardware/sa1101.h, etc.
Again, IMHO, you have put it as sa1100* device into Makefile,
while it is not exactly correct. sa1101 has most of the controls
and (should) handle interrupts, so it is a separate device.
The current sa11xx PCMCIA code was written for the devices
like HPAQ, and is very weird with its polling driver for handling


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