Driver model for sa1101

Oleg Gusev
Sat Jul 10 22:36:40 CEST 2004

On Saturday 10 July 2004 10:14 pm, you wrote:
> Two solutions:
> (1) Compile things into the kernel instead of as modules,
>  as is done by default.

 Ok. Then something went wrong.
 A comment on the def-configs/jornada820 for 2.6:
  we don t have @generic sa1100 SSP DAC@,
  sysrq driver is not enabled.

  IMO, the current lowlevel keyboard driver recognizes the On/Off
  key, and it is the task of the generic keyboard driver to
  deal with the SUSPEND key.
i'll try to debug the problem. My CF card is already recognized properly,
but i get some oopses and the interrupts are lost.
Need the kernel with serial console compiled in...


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