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Francois-Rene Rideau
Sat Jul 31 18:00:48 CEST 2004

On Sat, Jul 31, 2004 at 06:35:58PM +0300, Matan Ziv-Av wrote:
> I'll try to find the differences between you kernel (is it exactly as in 
> CVS?) and mine, since usb-storage works for me. Only usb networking is 
> problematic.
Thanks a lot. Yes, I use unchanged kernel and configuration from CVS;
I only add a functions.local to my bootimage userland.

>> The PCMCIA code in current 2.6 doesn't work, but doesn't crash
>> the kernel anymore (at least, not immediately).
> Again, works for me - CF, pcnet_cs, serial_cs, airo_cs. Here's a patch 
> relative to linux-2.6.7.
Will try... will have to get a fresh 2.6.7 source, patch it,
and then diff from our build tree, etc., before I can merge.
Can you send a patch relative to a buildtree made from our CVS?

> I intend to follow the linus kernel, rather than handhelds kernel.
> Maybe even start feeding changes upstream (pcmcia, rmk, input).
Nice. Maybe you should follow rmk or other arm source? Dunno.
In any case, the current setup was just meant to be tried with
different upstream kernels. What is the latestest 2.4 arm kernel?

> I still have no solution for the USB problem, and I tried all that I can
> think of. If anyone else'd like to look at this, I think it could be
> useful, in case I missed something really obvious.
Ahem. Will try when I have more time.

> Maybe you should look into getting a PCMCIA - SD adapter, since SD (or 
> MMC) do wear leveling in hardware, so failures are much less likely.
Nah, it was a real "tinydrive" harddisk. Good stuff when it works,
but not very reliable (and/or something I do kills it fast --
I vaguely suspect wrong voltage settings in early 2.4 and 2.6 attempts).

Thanks for all the good stuff!

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