Beginner's questions

David Jones
Mon Jun 14 14:42:41 CEST 2004

Hi All

I've been out of action for a while.  My devl PC died
and I've just this past weekend got linux installed on
the replacement.

> I plan to move to a system whereby we'd use
> plus just our files from our own CVS.
> You don't need to ./configure anything.
> You
> 	make toolchain
> if you don't have a toolchain installed yet,
> and then you just
> 	make
Excelent.  One CVS for everything:)

> PS: Dave, can you update the web pages?
> according to the plan I outlined previously?
> It seems that default access rights are such 
> that only the file creator can modify them, not
group > members. Grrr.
> Is there a way around that?

I'll look at the web site tonight after work.  It's
long over due for a general refresh.  I don't the
about web page rights.  At one time, Oleg was able to
update things.  So I' not sure what has changed.

Any new news of the pcmcia voltage problems, or
getting  the usb working?


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