j820 2.6 kernel tree

Francois-Rene Rideau fare@tunes.org
Thu Jun 24 22:59:19 CEST 2004

Dear j820ers,

I've done a lot of grunt work of moving files
from the 2.4 port to a prospective 2.6 port.
However, I stopped when I reached several non-trivial issues,
that involve migrating existing code from an old API to a newer one,
which requires to build quite some understanding of the underlying issues.

(1) the IRQ model has changed completely, so that sa1101.c must be redone.
	See Documentation/arm/Interrupts
(2) the pcmcia has also changed substantially
(3) the keyboard/mouse ps2 support has been split
and of course, other subtler changes may have evaded me.

I've added a TODO file to the CVS hierarchy as a notepad for such issues.
I've also added a script "please" to automate common tasks while porting.

I have no time to tackle these issues now, so I leave them to keener hackers.
Note that these changes are also as many promises of more
stability/features/devices when the port is done.

Conclusion: kernel 2.6 doesn't compile for now, and requires clever hacking.
I've done boring grunt stuff -- come on and do the challenging stuff!

Happy hacking!

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