VGA output and cpufreq.

Oleg Gusev
Sat Jun 26 20:15:44 CEST 2004

On Saturday 26 June 2004 07:53 pm, you wrote:
> OK, I found the DS, and will calculate the optimal registers values.
If you can tell how you are doing this i will be interested.

> If you can send them to me (to, I will be grateful,
> and maybe I can put them on my site.
The "smaller" picture is on
I have really hires tiff files (>40MB) of 820E. I'll make a picture
of 820 RSN, because of the RP56LD (R6790-12) Rockwell 
(lose)modem setup. We can even produce real BOM list
for j820 ;-)

> Not directly, but possible thru the VMCAR+VMCDR. So I will be able to
> implement cursor function for fbcon, but programs that read the FB won't
> work on sa1101fb.

It is going to be dead slow ? I have looked at your patch.
Why do you need a static mapping for the framebuffer
and commented out the 'ioremap' code ? IMHO, it will
be great to have a real module that can be inserted and removed
on a running system (xres and yres as a parameter).
I'm not really familiar with the fbmem code, but is it really
necessary to modify the fbmem.c file for the initialization 
routines ?

> Also I noted that there is a GPIO needed in order to activate the VGA. I
> found this by booting to linux while the VGA was active, and comparing
> the registers. Do you have a program that dumps the register values
> while in windows? (to find values that the kernel changes while
> initializing).

What GPIO do you mean ? SA1100 or SA1101 ? I don't have one
"user friendly" program, but many of them, each for the specific register.
Some time ago i have posted the tables of the GPIO changes i 
was able to track. Look at them, and if you have some more
detailed and specific questions, let me know.


PS. We have somewhat arbitrary value for the SA1100fb pixclock,
        if you can recalculate it, that will be great, too.

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